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Help Care

Danish manufacturer Help Care Company Ltd. specialises in innovative eyewash products, providing customers with simple, intuitive and effective first aid equipment. Its solutions are unique, user-friendly and effective, allowing injured people to safely and efficiently rinse their eyes alone and without help. Help Care products are suitable for use in all types of workplaces and environments where there is a risk of eye injury or irritation.



Help Care Company’s flagship product is Eyeaid: the first eyewash anywhere in the world able to be operated by an individual with one hand. Quick and easy to use, Eyeaid’s unique design allows the eye to be held open while receiving an effective, sterile, precise eye rinse.


Time is the key factor in administering eyewash during an emergency. Rapid rinsing of the eye to clear it of any chemical, dirt or other foreign object can make all the difference. This is particularly important in environments where, for instance, chemicals are processed, such as laboratories or manufacturing facilities. 


Eyecare can be used as both an Eyewash and sterile wound cleanser. It can be sprayed directly onto the site of any abrasion or infection, ensuring the area is clean before other treatments are applied. 

Eyecare is also available in 250ml and 100ml cans.


Help Care Company offers an Eyecare solution for pets and other animals – veterinary grade, suitable for dogs, cats, horses and others. A quick and effective eye and wound cleansing solution.


Check out the unique one-handed operation of Eyeaid