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International trade compliance

S.E.A. Distribution Ltd is an internationally active business. Our success – and the success of our partners – depends on the ability to conduct business globally. We are subject to national and international export control legislation in the countries with which we transact, and we actively comply with all applicable import and export control laws and regulations, including embargoes, sanctions and anti-boycott rules.

S.E.A. Distribution is an ethical and responsible business. Compliance with relevant legislation and adherence to best industry practice is a central part of our corporate responsibility. Our employees understand that it is their responsibility to be aware of and comply with any import/export control requirements or sanctions related to their work, seeking advice from trade compliance experts where necessary.

Working with our partners, we provide advice and assistance on all relevant issues around trade controls to ensure across-the-board compliance and efficiency. We also maintain all required audit records and actively work to identify and mitigate risk.